Small Business is a BIG DEAL!

Dear Members,

For the first time in years, chambers of commerce across Queensland are organised and lobbying as one, to make sure federal election candidates know Small Business is a Big Deal.

We want to give your members the opportunity to get involved and have their voices heard.

What’s this about? 

Small business makes up 97% of all businesses in Australia, and that we employ more workers than government and large businesses. In fact, small businesses put food on the table for nearly five million people, and give hundreds of thousands of young Aussies their first job.

So small business really is a BIG deal!

This election will be make or break for our small business sector. Chambers of Commerce in Mackay, Redcliffe, Cairns, Gold Coast and Toowoomba developed the Small Business is a Big Deal campaign, urging MPs and Senators from all political parties to back small business policies during the election campaign.

What do we want? 

First, the campaign aims to unite employers and employees, not drive them apart. Small businesses are not big banks or major corporations. Small employers care deeply about their staff, and – far from making super profits – many are struggling to make ends meet.

With this in mind, we’re calling on all election candidates to come up with policies which:

  1. Help employers and employees work better together
  2. Deliver affordable, reliable energy with lower emissions
  3. Stop the collapse in skills

What can you do? 

Over coming weeks, we will be highlighting how small business creates jobs, cares for workers, and sustains our community. We would love you to share the campaign and encourage your members to get involved.

Both you and your members can sign up at to:

  • Get a free Small Business is a Big Deal bumper sticker,
  • Spread the word by using our filter on Facebook
  • Add your name to our petition so the politicians hear our message loud and clear – Small business is a big deal.